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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Training is yielding results!

The training regime (cycling and running daily) is beginning to yield more results - I was doing intervals at the track this morning before work, doing 800 meter intervals with 2 min recovery between sets, and recorded the following splits:

Interval 1: 2:42:15
Interval 2: 2:49:54
Interval 3: 2:53:88
Interval 4: 2:50:60
Interval 5: 2:52:74
Interval 6: 2:52:98

Obviously I caned the first one too hard, but I pulled back to my target 2mins 50secs pace fairly well for the others. Using various pace calculators that baseline on intervals, I get a predicted finishing time of around 35 mins - which is unlikely in my next race (two weeks time) but, with training at this level I think a July race in the sub 37 minutes is possible.

Races in May:

7 May: Sutton 10k
14 May: Stage 2 of the Clapham 10k Series
22-23rd May: London Green Belt Relay (team event)

The weather here is getting really nice and warm, and as I am out cycling and running for about three hours each day, I am getting pretty tanned! Also had a great cycle on Saturday - preceded by a 10k run. The cycle was 110km - fantastic!

Endorphin addict?


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