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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Race Fixtures and Results

This month is the real start of my season, with a full calendar:

07 May 06: Sutton 10k ---- Result 38'36" (new Personal Best)
11 May 06: Assembly League - The Dome 5k
14 May 06: Clapham Common 10k Series
21-22 May 06: London Greenbelt Relay (355 km 2 day event - 11 member team)
28 May 06: Canterbury Half Marathon

Makes me tired to think about it - looking forward to seeing how it all goes!

Anyway - late addition to the post, checked the men's team results from today and we came fourth out of 27 teams, which is pretty good, and I came 42nd out of 409, so I am still just sy of the top 10% on the field.

For a giggle see this and check the pictures for clock time "38:34" to "38:37". I was determined to close that gap, and I nearly got him!


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wah - u really very siao running now!

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