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Tuesday, May 18, 2004


So how did I go with my weekend plan?

Watch Troy - NOPE
Finish my Sorceress Minature conversion - NOPE
Paint some figures - NOPE
Cycle around Lower Pierce - NOPE
Go to Pi - NOPE
Taekwondo - YEP
Eat out (ok - done that a lot recently, so maybe I should skip that) - YEP
Do grocery shopping - YEP
Play with stretching machine - YEP

Generally not too good - however, I am not too unhappy :)

Ru and I purchased a new fan, ironing board and grill for our front door, so we can now finally leave our front door open whilst we watch TV without worrying about F and B running away / being dognapped.

I am firmly back on my diet, weighing in at 73.5 kg this morning, I have a 72 kg target for 4th June. Thats three weeks to lose 1.5 kg, or 500 grammes a week. Doesn't sound too aggressive but think I had better make my intent public - so please, nobody ask me out for beer or pizza!

My stretching machine is proving good - I can now get to 110 degrees, and stretch daily. My target is for 120 degrees by 4 June, and 160 by October. I really want to get to 180 by Christmas, as this is around the time that I "should" be taking my black belt exam and I would like to do a scissors kick break. All in all I think that of the fads that Ru and I go through, TKD has proven to be more than just a fad, and we have changed our lifestyles around it. Still have a way to go, but at least my butt is no longer that size of two normal butts (now maybe only 1 1/2 of a normal butt :-P)

I will confess here that I am *really* looking forward to going home to the UK for a break. The weather, countryside, wildlife, rivers, food, beer, people, TV, Radio, shopping, supermarkets, pubs, friends and, well basically everything, beckons and I can't wait. We touch down at 1230 pm, and should be in Canterbury by 1630 (maybe even earlier, depending how long it takes for Ru to get through Immigration). Then we get a bit of rest, and then the party starts - my mothers 50th, kind of combined with my 31st and also a welcome home. All in all a minimum of 22 people, possibly more. Should be good.

Well, I better get back to work - taekwon


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