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Monday, May 08, 2006

wah - u really very siao running now!

Kanga made me laugh with this comment, as when you find something you enjoy, and are relatively good at, you tend to go mad for it. I remember when we were doing Taekwon-Do that she was naturally very talented at it - and was, to borrow a phrase; "really very siao" for it.

But yes, I am happy to admit that I really get a buzz out of running, especially the competitive aspect. I love beating another racer, and I also love the challenge of being beaten (and fighting another day!). But, most of all, I love competing against myself, constantly seeking to raise the bar, and to shave my time nearer to my (secret) target. It is a great way of developing focus and confidence, and a good way of meeting new people of all walks of life and ability.

Kanga - as an aside I am really looking forward to you moving over. I hope to move house before you arrive - the target area is Kingston on Thames. Try looking on google for UK rentals in Kingston upon thames. Very nice leh!


Blogger  said...

glad i made you laugh.

cool, will google it.

2:52 pm


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