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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back in training

After injuring my soleus muscle (the one that runs between the two heads of the big calf muscle) hill running in Canterbury, I am now cautiously starting training again. I have to admit that it was very tough not being able to run - psychologically I have changed my lifestyle to accomodate it, and I found myself at sixes and sevens without it, and physically I found myself restless and gaining weight.

In an effort to avoid over use injuries again I have slowed my training pace down to 5 min/km (was previously frequently training at 3min 50sec per km). This slowdown drops my heart rate down to 134 bpm (which is around 70% of target heart rate), as opposed to 160 (85% of target heart rate).

I still am going to take a while to get my mileage back up - I aim to do around 60-70km this week running, and 250km on the bike, and build back up to 120km running - following the 10% per week increase maxim. This will be switching between increasing mileage and increasing intensity - both of which are important. I will do my first speedwork at the track next week, starting on 8*880s once a week, with a target of 2min 50secs, and building gradually to twice weekly (tempo, fartlek, hills and intervals - alternating as needed), and easing back into 2m 30s per 880 yards (800 meters).

The main reason for writing all this on my blog? To remind me not to overdo it again and fark up my legs again!


Blogger ampulets said...

yes, my man. dont fark it up. Running-related injuries last for a life time. I was just reminded by mine last evening after just a 5km run, and every single time i take the stairs. Better scale back or even switch to low impact sports for at least 3-6months, if the injury is quite severe. Think I told you the last time, mine got so bad that i can't even bend my knee, and have to limp, even walking on level grounds -that's how bad it was - then i got hooked on swimming (30 laps 1-2 times per week) and load up the glucosamine...only then, it got better. The bottomline, rest so that you can keep running for life.As much as your mind think you are still in your 20s, your body surely tells you otherwise, man. Take care.

10:12 am

Blogger Neil said...

Too true - I am 33 now, and still trying (with some success) to beat the 18-26 year old crowd into teh pavement! Still I am regularly stretching and am training by heartmeter rather than GPS/Speed - which has made a huge difference. I have no races until July 19th, and that is only a 10k.

I am, in short, resting and taking care. I am also going to see a sports physio, which should help (once I can find a good one!)

Hope you and girlie Amp are good

The DoDo

3:02 pm


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