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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Clapham Common 10k Results

Just finished the second installment of the Clapham 10k (first was in March, with a time of 41'11", and 50th out of around 320). Provisionally my time is 36'44" this time round, and my position was (I think) 18 out of around 300. It was a really tough run as my fainting and shin splints have kept me out of training for nearly 2 weeks - with only cycling to keep me fit. Plus I have put on 1.5 kg. But, to say I am really happy to have broken 37 minutes does not describe the feeling - I was aiming for 37'45" and finished a minute under. Elation!

Next I will try to break 36' - although I suspect that will be tough; the next race in this series is July, which will likely be hot, whereas today was cloudy and cool - perfect running weather.

So - for the rest of the month I have the London Greenbelt Relay (2 day cross country team event) and the Canterbury Half Marathon (target time 1hr 20m).

On an aside, I suspect that the acupuncture and praying for my shins to stop hurting (no kidding, praying the Lord's prayer as I was running - and it did stop hurting) both helped me today, so thanks to the Chinese dude who stuck pins in me, and thanks to God (Kanga - stop cringing!) for answering a very heartfelt prayer.

Yet another aside - congrats to Justina (from the Clapham Chasers - the club i run with) on finishing first female with around 37'56" (I think), and to Neil A who finished around 8th with 35'44" - a great day to be a Chaser!


Blogger  said...

you were fainting??

9:43 am

Blogger Neil said...

I fainted about two weeks ago - when I had the bad stomach and couldn't eat for four days. It was just the once, but was in the middle of the street - which was not too good.

Anyway - I am better now - so that's what is important n'cest pas?

11:10 am


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